It's all about the Journey Wood Sign



A friend of mine came into our Torquay shop and said "can you make this sign?"

"I've been looking everywhere but no-one sells them". It had to say the words 'It's all in the Journey'; a meaningful statement for all our lives.

Often we devote our energies to achieving our goals, then upon reaching them we say 'well, what now!' Living is about the journey and not the destination.

The sign is made from 100% recycled pallet wood, sanded smooth, painted, sanded again, then printed, then gold glitter is applied, then waxed and polished. Silver metal wire is used as the hanger. Plain wood back.

Measures (average sizes) 26cm long x 9cm high x 1.5cm thick.

I was inspired by the new release of Journey video game for the overall image.