Mid Century Drinks Cabinet Recycled Retro Rustic design 1950s



Want the wow factor for your drinks cabinet?

This superbly finished rustic drinks cabinet is made entirely from reclaimed wood recycled from pallets!

Each one is just a little bit different; the grain patterns, the knotting, the aged wood.  Its all got great character.  

Sanded smooth, jointed and nailed for strength, this cabinet is made to last and to be cherished.  We hope it brings joy each time you use it!

The outside wood is stained Dark Oak, and the doors are washed with a choice of colours; Strawberry Red, Lime Green, Sunshine Yellow.  The whole thing is waxed to a silky smooth finish.

The cabinet measures:

Outside- 60cm high x 44cm wide x 30cm deep
Inside- 33cm high x 40cm wide x 26cm deep
Legs- 23cm high , and 36cm x 22cm footprint