Norwood Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Castors



The main picture shows the Large Coffee Table in my lounge at home and looked great with the natural stone Tlite holders and bright coloured retro dishes.

It is made completely made from recycled bits and I currently use reclaimed pallet wood, construction timber, scaffold planks and castors from shopping trolleys.

The 30mm thick pallet wood is meticulously prepared, sanded to reveal the natural grain of the aged wood. A light stain is applied to bring out the grain, then sanded smooth and waxed.

Corner braces and 3" nails are used to hold the joints together and these we're recovered from a builders yard skip.

The solid quality castors are set into the corners and were recovered from scrap supermarket trolleys.

The whole thing sits 22cm high and measures (aprx):

Small Table 100cm long x 35cm wide

Large Table 170cm long x 70cm wide