Pallet Wood Rustic Bookcase



This is another in my recent series of pallet wood furniture- using old wood for beautiful home styling. 

This superbly attractive, solid Pine Wood Bookcase has 4 shelves; 2 shelves for smaller vintage or paperback books(up to 200mm) and 2 shelves slightly larger (up to 230mm)

The units are 34cm wide and 16cm deep. The different heights measure: 4shelf 105cm; 3 shelf 83cm; 2 shelf 61cm. The wood is 20mm thick and is jointed, glued and nailed for a very solid construction.

The timber has been sanded smooth to remove any splinters and the rough sawn texture of pallet wood.

When you run your hand over the surface it feels smooth, but still has the character with nail holes, saw marks and grain texture. 

I have added some other painted colour options if you need to match decor. The paint finish is slightly distressed and silky smooth. 

I can also offer a complete custom size for you- Made To Fit- so please contact me with your sizes and requirements.