Recycled Colander Light Shade



Top Seller

What did it used2bee?

Well, as you can see, its a metal kitchen colander that has been skilfully transformed into a wonderful light shade to add flare to your kitchen or dining area.  

The light shade will fit to any standard light pendant (usually 30mm in diameter ) and is easy to fit by unscrewing the pendants plastic collar. 

The shade comes in Shallow depth of aprx 10cm or Deep size 13cm, and can be finished in several colours or treated with a clear laquer to enhance the natural steel metal.  Use the pull down tab to select your favorite colour!

High quality glossy paint finish comes as standard, with the inside surface sanded and polished to smooth out imperfections and improve brightness to the metal.  

I am pleased that this is one of my best sellers, with 100s sold worlwide, from Sydney to San Fransisco!